Social Action

Litter picking with Finchley Meeting

Finchley Quakers know that picking litter and recycling what we find, is not going to make a significant difference to the carbon footprint of North Finchley. So why do we do it? Nobody likes to look at dirty, discarded rubbish but we pick up the litter because we care about our environment. We want to look after the places we live in and be mindful of how our actions can make a difference for better or worse.  If we begin by this small act of care and others join us, maybe together we can begin to care in more significant ways too.

Every third Sunday from 12 o’clock a group of Finchley Quakers run a litter-picking group. This is open to members of the public. We meet in the car park at the front of the Meeting House. 
Please contact for details.  

Please note the contrast of images below from Finchley Quaker Meeting House garden & North Finchley streets 2023.

Art Workshop with Alistair Lambert

We held two workshop with Alastair Lambert at Finchley Meeting House on 18th and 25th June 2022.  They were very thought provoking experiences.

We started off by spreading out on the floor, and then organising, all of the plastic materials we had collected over a number of months - some of it from our litter picking activities.  We then tried looking at all this waste material from a different perspective and to think about how we could use it. We had a very enjoyable time getting very messy as we cast a wide variety of plastic bottles, trays, lids and containers using plaster, clay and sand. We also started to consider what our sculpture for the wall at the front of the Meeting House might look like.

Our wall sculpture was unveiled on Saturday 3rd September 2022. 

Find out more about plastic - and what happens to the plastic we put out for recycling by visiting You can also find out more about what we can do to reduce our reliance on plastic products.


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